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Ultra short electric ball valve, ultra-thin ball valve, Italian proportional control valve

Product Description

1. The flow characteristics can be linearized and can replace old-fashioned control valves;
2. Small size and light weight;
3. Imported key components, high reliability;
4. Authentic materials, ensuring a long lifespan;
5. The valve is made of stainless steel and is high-end and aesthetically pleasing;
6. 4-20mA intelligent adjustment can be selected;
7. There are room temperature type, medium temperature type, and 1.6-4.OMPa.
8. Applicable media: water, steam, oil products, various highly corrosive chemical media, weak acid-base media, ammonia, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, liquefied gas, air
Please specify when ordering
1. Power supply voltage: AC220V, AC380V, DC24V; DC110V,AC24V
2. Medium type, temperature, pressure;
3. Switch control or adjustment control; 4--20mA,0--10v in
4. What control signal and feedback signal are required;
5. The shape or flow characteristics of the spherical through-hole you need.

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east instrument



Electric PVC ball valve



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