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Electric valve control box, three-phase actuator control box, electric butterfly valve control box

Product Description

1、 Introduction
The TOYI series valve control box is a novel control device designed specifically for intelligent electric valves, characterized by simple operation, intuitive and accurate control functions, and reliable quality. It can achieve the opening, closing, and loosening clamping actions of the valve. The valve control box is composed of powerful servo controllers, panels, control buttons, power switches, indicator lights, AC contactors, etc. It can complete functions such as valve opening, closing, releasing, manual/automatic switching, status indication, and motor overload protection. You can choose remote control with touch screen and other functions.
2、 Main performance indicators
◆ Power supply voltage AC380/50Hz; 220VAC, control part AC220V/50HZ;
◆ Environmental temperature: -20 ℃~50 ℃;
◆ Relative humidity: not more than 80% (25 ℃);
◆ Protection level: ordinary type;
◆ External dimensions: customizable;
Basic power consumption: control part ≤ 50W;
◆ It can be connected to feedback signal of electric actuator: potentiometer 500 Ω - 10K Ω;
◆ Can receive external control signals (DC): 4-20mA, other input signals are customized before leaving the factory);
◆ It is possible to set the forward and reverse action modes of the actuator and the "interrupt" mode when the input signal is interrupted - OPEN, STOP, SHUT;
◆ Output actuator position signal: Low drift output 4-20mADC corresponds to actuator fully closed to fully open signal completely isolated from input (photoelectric isolation);
Equipped with overtemperature protection function;
◆ The action range of the actuator corresponding to the input signal can be freely calibrated through buttons (usually calibrated as the fully closed or fully open position of the electric actuator);
3、 Purpose
The TOYI control box is used for remote control or local operation of the opening or closing of electric valves, as well as any opening degree of the valve. The control box panel can display the valve opening, closing in place, opening and closing status, whether it is faulty, and whether it is local or remote. There is a valve opening display on the control box module, which can receive 4-20mA analog signals from the central control to achieve distributed control of several electric valves. It can centrally control several electric valves or regulating valves.

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