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Electric valve three-phase controller

Product Description

Characteristics of ZXQ888 Electric Valve Electrical Controller:
1. The control circuit adopts DC regulated current, which is reliable in control, accurate in opening indication, and safe in operation.
2. The casing adopts a standard instrument box, which is small in size and light in weight, making it easy to install on the control screen.
3. There is a buzzer alarm when the output torque of the electric valve is high, which is convenient for timely troubleshooting.
The ZXQ888 electric valve electrical controller produced by our factory is a product used in conjunction with electric devices, and can be equipped with passive contacts with PLCs.
Based on the continuous changes in the market and scientific progress, our factory has produced automatic adjustment controllers (computer controlled).
6. According to user requirements, our factory is also equipped with various specifications of electric valve control boxes and cabinets.
7. If the user needs it, please indicate it when placing an order (to be purchased separately).

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