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Air valve two way ball valve

Product Description

Widely used in industries such as HVAC, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive, the system achieves efficient and energy-saving control effects for products.
Product design starts from the perspective of users and solves various system control problems for different users.
The damper control applied to central air conditioning achieves the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction through precise control of the damper.
Accurate positioning of butterfly valves with compact size and low noise is an emerging actuator in industrial process control.
Applied in small and medium-sized water valves, with high protection level (IP65) and low energy consumption, easy installation, and lifelong maintenance free.
The product has a very high explosion-proof level and can be used in various explosive hazardous environments. It complies with ATEX94/9/EG standards and has obtained TUV and PTB certifications.

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east instrument



Electric PVC ball valve



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