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Supply of liquid level regulators, liquid level controllers, secondary instruments

Product Description

The models are as follows (please provide the default factory code when ordering)
TY-S9696- * * * (Opening: 92X92) Square
TY-S9648- * * * (Opening: 92X45) Horizontal
TY-S4896- * * * (Opening: 45X92) Vertical
TY-S9696- * * * (Opening: 45X45) Square
TY-K9696- * * * (Opening: 92X92) Square
TY-K9648- * * * (Opening: 92X45) Horizontal
TY-K4896- * * * (Opening: 45X92) Vertical type
TY-K9696- * * * (Opening: 45X45) Square
TY-P9696- * * * (Opening: 92X92) Square
Please add - RS to the suffix with communication
This product is suitable for precise control of liquid levels in industrial sites. It has been successfully applied to the control of coating equipment, industrial oven, reflow soldering welding, petrochemical industry, paper making, temperature control system of kiln and boiler, building automation system, water treatment system, glass machinery and many other aspects.
1. Accuracy: 0.25% of full scale;
2. Power supply: 100-240 VAC,<8W;
3. External dimensions: 96x96x110mm, 48x96x110mm, 96x48x110mm;
4. Working environment: temperature 0-50 ℃, humidity ≤ 85% RH;
5. Alarm: * Upper and lower limit alarm * Deviation alarm * Upper and lower deviation alarm;
6. Automatic/manual undisturbed switching;
7. Software configuration, can select input signal type and output method through instrument buttons;
8. For standard current/voltage input or linear input signals such as potentiometer, the display range can be selected;
9. Multi parameter display, displaying signal measurement values, set values, and output signal values simultaneously, facilitating observation and debugging;
10. Convenient, concise, and protective deviation correction to ensure that the display is consistent with the actual temperature;
11. Thyristor zero crossing triggering proportional PID output for uniform distribution time, effectively eliminating the RF interference and impact of high-power loads on the power grid;
12. The signal after PID calculation can directly control relays, frequency converters, electric actuators, electric valves, regulating valves, etc., achieving the purpose of automatic regulation;
13. For electric actuators with feedback signals for control, there is a convenient automatic valve position calibration function.
14. Optional model with P, with 15 holding settings and each notification signal that can be set;
15. RS485 communication function can be selected.

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