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Pressure control cabinet, temperature control cabinet, electric valve control box, pressure control box, temperature control box

Product Description

The KZG-YL series pressure control cabinet is designed and packaged by our company according to engineering needs. This box is suitable for AC 50Hz, voltage 85V to 220V power lines, and is used for interlocking control of electric regulating water valves, electric regulating air valves, and air conditioning fans in air conditioning (fresh air) processing units. The control box is equipped with TY series electronic temperature controllers, PT100 temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, etc. It can be selected with touch screen, remote control, and other controls. Control multiple or 200 related devices.
Electrical components such as switches, intermediate relays, transformers, etc. are attached to the control box with wiring diagrams and operating instructions. Users only need to follow the wiring diagrams
Connect the external wires correctly to the terminals and connect them to the power supply to operate.
Main functions:
1. Power supply: 220VAC 50HZ
2. Temperature controller, pressure control, etc
3. The electric regulating water valve is linked to the air conditioning fan, and when the fan power is connected, the electric regulating valve is proportional.

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Electric PVC ball valve



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