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The actuator has been proven to be an excellent control device for gas, hot air, etc. through years of practical use, and its affordable price is being welcomed by many users. The actuator is used in conjunction with aluminum disc valves, which are divided into seven sizes: Φ 25, Φ 32, Φ 40, Φ 50, Φ 65, Φ 80, and Φ 100mm. Gas can be divided into three categories: liquefied gas, natural gas, and gas. According to different gases and gas flow rates, select corresponding diameter butterfly valves. If the gas is coal mine gas, the corrosiveness of the gas should be considered, and it is recommended to choose stainless steel discs.
Technical performance
Model: FXZ-03 (06) (without valve position feedback potentiometer)
FXZ-03R (06) (with valve position feedback potentiometer)
Power supply voltage: 220V
Protection level: ± P54~IEC592
Work cycle: 100%
Protection level: Level 1
Power consumption: 4.8VA
Cam contact load: 60-250V, maximum 2A
Electrical connection: 1.5mm2 cable
Torque: 3Nm
Weight: 1.4kg (without valve)
Equipped with valve position feedback potentiometer: 1K Ω life>1 million times
Mechanical action frequency:>500000 times No fault
Mechanical action angle: 0 °~90 °
Mechanical action time: from 0 ° to 90 ° or 90 ° to 0 °,
5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds selectable

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