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Professional undertaking of scheme design and microcontroller development for electronic products and electromechanical control products

Product Description

As long as you propose functional requirements for the product, or even just a concept, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirements to achieve the desired function.
Dongyi Company has strong research and development capabilities, a complete supplier system, and a strict quality control system, which can provide integrated services such as electronic product design, component selection and procurement, SMT chip processing and post welding assembly, functional testing and aging. Our products cover more than ten industries, including industrial automation control, automotive electronics, home appliances, electronic information, and electromechanical equipment. With advantages such as short development cycles, excellent and efficient design solutions, stable and reliable product quality, and comprehensive and thoughtful services, we have won widespread praise from our customers, covering dozens of countries and regions across the country, including the United States, Sweden, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more.
Dongyi Business Scope
Project Development
Motor control category: brushless motor control board, stepper motor control board, servo motor control board, DC motor speed control board, etc.
Mechanical and electrical equipment, industrial automation products: office air compressor control board, drilling machine control board, printing machine control board, water supply system control board, industrial control monitoring board, CNC machine tool control board, packaging machinery control board, wire cutting machine control board, spot welding machine control board, cutting machine control board, etc.
Home appliance control panel: such as high-power vacuum cleaner controller, heating control panel, electric lock control panel, magnetic lock control panel, electric water heater controller, automatic curtain controller, etc.
Medical equipment and physical therapy: massage chair controller, LCD blood pressure display control board, electronic centrifugal pump control board, pulse medical device control board, lumbar spine physical therapy instrument control board, medium frequency physical therapy instrument control board, cervical spine physical therapy control board, etc.
Digital power supply category: lithium-ion battery charging board, power battery pack management system, solar charging board, programmable digital power supply, etc.
PCB design
The customer provides a schematic diagram, and the company completes PCB layout based on the schematic diagram; Then make a PCB for the customer;
The customer provides a sample, and the company can copy the board; Then make PCB templates for customers;
The customer provides PCB drawings, and the company modifies or optimizes them according to the customer's requirements, producing PCB templates for the customer.
ODM Services
The customer provides technical requirements, and the company can conduct research and development and production according to the customer's requirements. The general process is as follows:
Product development - Sample production - Customer sample confirmation - Small batch trial production - Batch ordering

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