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ZSSO series O-type fixed ball valve


Product Description

1. The O-type fixed ball valve adopts a fixed ball design, and the relative moving parts are made of self-lubricating materials with minimal friction coefficient, resulting in low operating torque. In addition, the long-term sealing of sealing grease makes operation more flexible.
2. The valve adopts a high platform structure and ISO5211 connection standard, which can make the installation of electric/pneumatic actuators more professional.
3. The O-type fixed ball valve adopts a full bore or reduced bore design, with low flow resistance.
4. The metal hard sealed O-ring fixed ball valve adopts a bidirectional metal movable sealing structure, with automatic compensation and self-cleaning functions, and superior sealing performance.
5. The O-type fixed ball valve adopts a fixed ball design and adds a preload spring, making the ball valve have automatic pressure relief function.
6. Each ball valve has two movable sealing seats that can be sealed in both directions, so the flow direction of the medium does not need to be considered during installation.
7. Equipped with a fireproof and anti-static structure, conductive springs are installed between the valve stem and valve body, as well as between the valve stem and ball, to prevent static electricity from igniting flammable media. Ensure system security.
8. The fire-resistant structure provides dual protection. In the event of a fire that causes the sealing ring to burn out, each sealing part of the ball valve can form a metal to metal hard sealing structure.
9. Automatic pressure relief structure, when the liquid medium trapped in the valve cavity vaporizes due to temperature rise, resulting in abnormal pressure rise in the cavity, the cavity medium can rely on its own thrust to push the valve seat and automatically release pressure, thereby ensuring valve safety.
10. Optional pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic adjustable or electric adjustable types. Please refer to the actuator and regulating valve section of this book for details.

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