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Pneumatic two-piece ball valve


Product Description

1. Valve material
1. Valve body material: cast steel, stainless steel (304, 316), etc
2. Ball material: stainless steel (304, 316)
3. Valve seat: PTFE, customized for special high temperatures
2. Usage requirements
1. Nominal diameter: DN15-100 (mm)
2. Maximum nominal pressure: 1.6MPA-10.0Mpa
3. Applicable temperature: -50 ℃ -155 ℃ (special high temperature can withstand 450 ℃)
4. Driving form: pneumatic
5. Can be equipped with accessories (limit switch, solenoid valve, handwheel, pressure reducing valve, adjustable type with locator)
3. Product characteristics
Adopting a soft sealing structure, designed with working and maintenance seals, with low operating torque, moderate sealing ratio, reliable sealing, sensitive action, easy to achieve automatic control through hydraulic control, and long service life
The pressure temperature rating of a ball valve is not only related to the material of the shell, but also more closely related to the sealing material such as the valve seat, packing, and gasket. The sealing element can be polymer material, asbestos or rubber, and the selection of sealing element material depends on the medium composition, working temperature, working pressure, and flow rate conveyed by the valve.
1. Extruded high-strength aluminum cylinder body, with fine grinding and hard anodizing treatment on the inner surface, low friction coefficient, long service life, and strong corrosion resistance.
2. The double piston toothed gear rack design has a compact structure, symmetrical installation position, convenient change of output shaft rotation, long service life, and fast action.
3. Combined pre load coated spring with long working life.
4. High precision gears and racks, with small meshing clearance, high accuracy, and high output power.
5. Stainless steel fasteners, safe and aesthetically pleasing, with strong corrosion resistance.
6. The beautiful, compact and modern design, as well as a series of products with multiple specifications, make the selection more economical and convenient.
7. Fully comply with the latest international standards: output shaft groove, screw hole; The size of the top mounting hole complies with NAMUR standards; The size of the air source interface meets the NAMUR standard; The size of the bottom mounting hole complies with ISO5211 and DIN3337 standards, making it easy to install accessories such as solenoid valves and limit switches.
4. Multifunctionality
Widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, electroplating, etc.

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