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EPP series electrical valve positioner

Product Description

1、 Overview
The EPP2000 series electrical valve positioner is used in conjunction with pneumatic actuators to convert the input signal of 4-20mADC into output air pressure and control the action of the actuator. At the same time, feedback is provided based on the stroke of the actuator, so that the stroke of the actuator can be accurately positioned according to the control signal.
The EPP2000 series electrical valve positioner can be used for single action and double action actuators.
2、 Characteristics
1. Suitable for small and large capacity actuators: With the use of load control springs, selecting the corresponding spring can obtain the most suitable locator for the actuator.
2. Low gas consumption: The amplifier has low power consumption and high capacity.
3. Output characteristics can be selected: Due to the cam device in the feedback mechanism, output characteristics beyond the standard characteristics can be selected.
4. Models corresponding to various feedback methods:
As long as the cam device is replaced, it can be used for the corresponding actuator below.
Straight stroke actuator: Standard type - - - - - - - - - - - EPP2 □ 1 □
Angle stroke actuator: Standard type EPP2 □ 2 □
5. Convertible to reaction amplifier: When a single acting actuator requires reaction control, a positive acting amplifier can easily be converted to a reaction amplifier.
6. The pressure and explosion-proof type can be adjusted on site: Due to the pressure and explosion-proof structure of the signal 4-20mADC input terminal connector and coil, the locator shell can be removed in the explosion-proof area on site for maintenance and stroke adjustment.
7. The construction of intrinsic safety has a broad and applicable range: the junction box and coil have an intrinsic safety structure, so when combined with a dedicated Zener safety barrier, the torque coil can be suitable for all hazardous gas locations, including Zone 0, with an ambient temperature range of -40~+60 ℃.
Product Features
3、 Model and specification
Example: EPP2322: Refers to an intrinsically safe, angular travel, double acting, electrical valve positioner.
EPP2111-AS: Refers to explosion-proof, straight stroke, single acting, electrical valve positioner with associated matching combination air filtration pressure reducing valve.
Note: The ambient temperature range for the use of pressure and explosion-proof and explosion-proof types is -20~+60 ℃.
The ambient temperature range for the use of intrinsically safe types is -40~+60 ℃.

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