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HEP-15, HEP-16, HEP-17, HEP-25, HEP-26, HEP-27 Electrical Valve Positioners

Product Description

The HEP series electrical valve positioners include: HEP-15; HEP-16; HEP-17; HEP series electrical valve positioner: The HEP type single acting electro-pneumatic valve positioner (including HEP-15 explosion-proof type, HEP-16 intrinsic safety type, and HEP-17 waterproof type) is the main accessory of the CV3000 series new regulating valve.
The HEP series single acting electrical valve positioner is a product that has been successfully developed by our factory and introduced with the latest foreign design. Its technical performance has reached the level of similar foreign products, and has passed the inspection by the "************* Instrument Explosion Safety Supervision and Inspection Station", obtaining a ************ Explosion Proof Certificate.
The function of the HEP type single acting electro-pneumatic valve positioner (including the HEP15 explosion-proof type, HEP16 intrinsic safety type, and HEP17 waterproof type) is to convert the electrical signal output by the regulating device into a pneumatic signal that drives the action of the regulating valve. It also has a valve positioning function, which overcomes the friction control force of the valve stem and offsets the unbalanced force caused by the pressure change of the regulating valve, so that the valve opening corresponds to the control signal output by the regulating device, achieving correct positioning. Due to its explosion-proof structure, this locator can be used in explosive hazardous areas.

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