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RTU module remote electric valve, regulating valve control system, irrigation system

Product Description

TRTU800 is an integrated controller that can be customized according to user needs. Its biggest feature is that it supports GPS/GPRS functions on the board and supports (24 Bit) high-precision analog data acquisition. The functions of TRTU800 can be added or removed according to customer requirements. By setting or changing software and hardware, you can obtain the most streamlined, economical, and fully functional solution.
Basic configuration
Switching value: 4-way switching value output
Analog quantity: 6 voltage type 0-10V or current type 4-20mA inputs
Extension: Can be directly plugged into GPS/GPRS modules
Application Description
The TRTU800 integrates GPS/GPRS functions on the board, suitable for remote data collection. It can be used for high-precision data collection, storage, and communication by equipped with optional high-precision modules.
The TRTU800 series integrates switch I/O and analog I/O, making it very suitable for small and medium-sized data acquisition and control.
TRTU800 can support various communication protocols such as TCP/IP and CDMA_ 1x, GPRS, ADSL, PSTN, radio and other communication methods can use the TRTU800 as the RTU unit of the SCADA system to build a complete remote monitoring system.
TRTU800 series supports MODBUS_ TCP、MODBUS_ ASCII/RTU and various custom protocols can be interconnected with various configuration software (WinCC, KingView, LabView, etc.).
The programming of TRTU800 uses the Z-World industrial grade Dynamic C software development platform. Provide driver extensions
Libraries and sample programs. The TRTU800 can use auxiliary hardware for remote programming and
Case Description
This case is a typical application of remote control valves, mainly through the TRTU800 acquisition and transmission module, receiving remote
The client needs to command and control the opening and closing of the valve, as using GPRS transmission signals allows customers to monitor in real-time from thousands of miles away
Control the status of the valve and issue instructions to the valve, as long as there is a GPRS signal, the valve can be easily controlled and used
Household management saves costs and time.

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