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TP803TP813 three-phase electric actuator module - regulating valve controller - servo controller

Product Description

The models are as follows:
TP803 analog input
TP813 switch input
VPC-01 with external panel
The size of the TP803 control module is very small. It uses AC380V three-phase AC power as the power source, receives DC4~20mA signals from PLC, DCS system, or other controllers, and is equipped with small actuators to control the forward and reverse directions of the motor, controlling the actuator for valve position adjustment. The TP802 control module adopts advanced hybrid integrated circuits, including complete protection functions.

1、 Main technical features
1. Input voltage range: AC340V~420V.
2. Three phase three wire system, three phase four wire system (customized).
3. It can automatically correct the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply and correctly control the opening and closing of the valve. Users can freely connect to the three-phase power supply of the electric actuator.
4. The input/output signal channels are all optoelectronic isolated (capable of withstanding 2000V surge voltage).
5. Position feedback output 4-20mA, load resistance: 700 Ω;
6. The selection of positive/negative effects is completed through parameter settings on the module.
7. Can detect phase loss in three-phase power supply. When the power supply is out of phase, an alarm code E is displayed_ 09. Automatically prohibit all electric operations of the actuator until the three-phase power supply is normal.
8. If the input signal is lost, the actuator will keep the valve in its original position according to the user's previous settings on the module, or move to the fully open position of the valve, or move to the fully closed position of the valve.
9. Working temperature range: -20 ℃~+65 ℃.
10. The resistance value of position potentiometer shall be ≥ 1K Ω.
11. The lower and upper limit values of the actuator's corner position can be accurately set. The locator uses 3 buttons for operation, and 9 LED lights can directly display the locator mode. The 4-digit digital LED displays the actual opening value of the valve position, the set opening value of the valve position, and the temperature inside the locator shell through button switching, making it easy to operate.
12. No fixed size: 70x74x65 (unit: mm) plus fixed size: 70X89X65 (unit: mm)
13. Optional with communication function.
14. With software phase detection function
Special requirements can be customized

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