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TY-C series intelligent manual operators. Operators

Product Description

The models are as follows:
TY-C9696 (Opening: 92X92) Square
TY-C9648 (opening: 92X45) horizontal type
TY-C4896 (opening: 45X92) vertical type
It can be matched with various electric and pneumatic control valves to achieve on-site and remote switching. And with actual valve position display, etc.
1. The input of the instrument is a current signal of 4-20mA, which corresponds to a display of 4.00-20.00 on the PV; Output 4-20mA, corresponding to 4.00-20.00 displayed on SV.
1.Theinputcurrent4-20mAdisplayed as4.00-20.00 on PV and the output current4-20mA displayed as 4.00-20.00 on SV.
2. Press the A/M button or the SET button, and the A/M light and SV value will flash simultaneously, indicating that the instrument is in manual mode. In this manual mode, press the "" or "" button to modify the SV value (SV corresponds to an output of 4-20mA).
2.IfA / M lamp and the SV value flashes at the same time when youclick A/M or SET, theinstrumentmust be in a manual state, then you can amend the SV value(SV will output4-20mA corresponding).
3. In manual mode, press the A/M or SET keys to return to automatic mode. In automatic mode, the input 4-20mA corresponds to the output 4-20mA in a 1:1 ratio, and the instrument is in automatic mode when powered on.
3.ClicktheA / MortheSET buttontoreturntotheautomaticstate in a manual state.  Then, to input4-20mA and output 4-20mA will form a 1:1corresponding relationship with thepowerinanautomatic state.

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