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ZXQ98 Series External Valve Controller - External Valve Positioner

Product Description

The models are as follows:
ZXQ98-9696 (Opening: 92X92) Square
ZXQ98-9648 (opening: 92X45) horizontal type
ZXQ98-4896 (opening: 45X92) vertical type
This positioner can accept the regulating signal of DC 4-20mA from the upper instrument and the "three wire" signal of the potentiometer of the lower electric actuator (or the valve position feedback signal of DC 4-20mA), and output the "on" and "off" signals to control and regulate the valve opening. It can be used with actuators of single-phase AC motors (such as valve angle actuators and straight stroke electric actuators), and can also be used with actuators and electric devices of three-phase AC motors.
1. Display range: 0.0-100.0%;
2. Positioning accuracy: 0.1-0.3% adjustable, with a maximum positioning accuracy of 0.1%;
3. Input signal: 4-20mA DC constant current voltage; Other signals can be customized before leaving the factory;
4. Feedback signal of electric actuator: potentiometer feedback 0-5k, current feedback 4-20 mA, 0-10 mA, 0-20 mA;
5. Thyristor contact capacity: 25A, 250V AC; Can be changed to external SSR output or 16A relay output;
6. Hard manual operation and intelligent automatic positioning;
7. Automatic calibration of electric valve opening;
8. Can set parameters: minimum opening (automatic state), maximum opening (automatic state); Positioning accuracy, self adjustment range, and self adjustment minimum step distance; Input signal upper limit calibration, input signal lower limit calibration, input signal lower limit calibration;
9. Optional with RS485 interface;
Special requirements can be customized

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