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ZXQ2004Y Remote Control Regulating Valve Module

Product Description

Model definition:
A simple combination of remote control valve locator and control valve module is launched, with a remote control distance of up to 100 meters.
The intelligent positioner of electric valve is an intelligent signal acquisition and control system with the industrial single-chip microcomputer as the core, which can directly receive 4-20 mA DC signals output by industrial instruments or computers (other input signal types can be customized before leaving the factory), and can carry out precise positioning operations on various valves or devices together with the electric actuator fed back by the potentiometer, and can adjust the angle (or displacement) of the electric actuator
Perform free calibration while outputting a 4-20mADC actuator corner position (or displacement) feedback conversion signal. The lower and upper limit values of the actuator corner position can be accurately set with the button. The locator uses three button operations, and nine LED lights can directly display the locator mode. The 4-digit digital LED displays the actual valve position opening value, valve position setting opening value, and positioning through button switching

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east instrument



Electric PVC ball valve



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