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ZXQ2013-UPS with UPS function regulating valve controller and actuator controller

Product Description

ZXQ2013-UPS supports power down operation function
ZXQ2013-UPS-K switch type
Battery as an option
The ZXQ2013-UPS product adds UPS function to the original ZXQ2004 product, which means that when the mains power supply is suddenly interrupted, the product immediately starts the backup power supply, causing the electric valve to operate to the position set by the user (stop, fully open, fully closed).
1. The red LED on the right side of the product is the mains indicator light, the yellow LED is the inverter indicator light, and the on/off button is next to it.
2. When there is mains power, the button does not work. When there is no mains power, press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds. The buzzer will sound for a long time, and the product will automatically start the inverter output. When in the inverter state, press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds, and the product will automatically shut down.
3. Under inverter operation, the system automatically shuts down after a maximum of 15 minutes of operation, and continuously operates with a 120W load at room temperature of 45 degrees Celsius for ≤ 5 minutes.
4. The buzzer does not sound when in the mains power state, while in the inverter state, the buzzer sounds once a second to indicate normal battery power supply; The buzzer beeps once in approximately 0.5 seconds to indicate that the battery is running low; The buzzer sounds long and the yellow indicator light flashes, indicating that the battery is out of charge and is about to shut down.
5. In the inverter state, the locator is in signal interrupt mode, and the panel displays an E-01 error code. According to the interrupt mode set by the user, the actuator operates to a fully open, fully closed, or stopped state.
6. The product has an input voltage range of AC160-265V, a rated output capacity of 200W (battery mode), an input frequency range of 45Hz-65Hz, an output voltage range of AC220V ± 10% (battery mode), an output frequency range of 50 ± 1Hz (battery mode), a conversion time of 20 milliseconds, an external 12V lead-acid battery capacity of>1Ah, and a charging current of 0.65A.
7. The working environment temperature of the product is 0-70 degrees Celsius, and within a normal temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, the inverter output of the product can work at full load for a long time. When the temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius, the inverter output of the product can work at half load for a long time. It is necessary to install a cooling fan on the side to circulate air inside the product.

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