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PT1000 series pressure

Product Description

1、 Introduction
The PT1000 series pressure and liquid level transmitter is a practical and exquisite pressure transmitter that uses high-precision, high stability, and high reliability ceramic piezoresistive sensing elements. A field remote pressure and liquid level measuring instrument used to measure the pressure of liquids or gases and the liquid levels of various liquids, and convert the pressure or liquid level into standard electrical signals. The PT1000 series pressure and liquid level transmitters can completely replace imported high-performance pressure transmitters.
2、 Application scope:
■ Light industrial machinery ■ Medical instruments and equipment
■ Aerospace field ■ Petrochemical industry
■ Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems ■ Internal combustion engines, refrigerators, air conditioners
■ Compressors, dispensers, food, medical, beverage and other industries
3、 Characteristics
Wide measurement range: 0-100Mpa
Continuously adjustable zero and span
Equipped with reverse polarity protection and current limiting protection
■ Lightning protection and strong anti-interference ability
Strong practicality and easy installation
High precision, high stability, and high reliability
Special wiring structure, particularly convenient for maintenance and repair
Exquisite structure, very suitable for mechanical equipment, using Hirschmann's GDM-12B right angle joint (DIN43650-A/ISO standard)
Clamp type structure, no inlet hole, no cavity flat structure, anti scaling, easy to clean

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