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ZHRV series V-shaped ball valve


Product Description

Product Features: Product Features: The ZHRV series V-shaped ball valves are hard sealed and PTFE sealed regulating ball valves. It adopts a movable valve seat structure loaded with leaf springs, and the valve seat and ball will not have problems such as jamming or detachment. The sealing is reliable and the service life is long. The V-shaped ball valve core is designed with a V-shaped notch with a special switch, which has high flow capacity, low pressure loss, and precise interception and control functions. The flow characteristic is approximately equal percentage. The opening and closing parts adopt a V-shaped spherical structure, completely solving the problem of easy deposition of media in the valve chamber.
Detailed introduction:
V-shaped ball valves are suitable for various pipelines with Class150~600, PN1.6~10.0MPa, and working temperature ≤ 200 ℃, used to regulate the pressure and flow rate of the medium in the pipeline. Selecting different materials can be suitable for various media such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing media, urea, etc. Since the valve core and valve seat rotate without clearance, it has great shear force and self-cleaning performance, especially suitable for the control of suspension containing fibrous or small solid particles and solid particles. Therefore, this product can be widely used in automatic control systems in industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, papermaking, power, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and environmental protection.
main features 
1. The advantages of compact structure, small volume, and the ability to install vertically and horizontally.
2. Has excellent adjustment characteristics: V-shaped ball valves have an approximately equal percentage inherent flow characteristic and an adjustable ratio of up to 300:1. Therefore, V-shaped valves can provide precise control over a wide range of variations.
3. Maximum flow volume: because of its streamline shape and full right angle rotation control, the maximum volume is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the flow resistance is small, so smaller, more economical and practical valve size can be used.
4. The V-shaped ball valve adopts a dual bearing structure, with high mechanical stability and low starting torque, ensuring excellent sensitivity and sensing speed of the valve.
5. Maximum reliability (safety): The valve body is integral, sturdy and durable, and the operation is not affected by pipeline pressure, and can avoid valve body leakage.
6. Superior sealing performance of metal valve seat: V-shaped ball valve adopts movable metal valve seat, self compensating function, and has superior sealing performance and ultra long service life. In the flow direction, the leakage rate is ≤ 10-6 × Rated flow coefficient.
7. Super strong shear ability: The V-shaped ball valve adopts a metal hard sealing structure. During the rotation process of the V-shaped ball valve core and metal valve seat, the V-shaped notch and valve seat generate a strong shear force that can cut off impurities such as fibers, and has self-cleaning function to avoid valve jamming.
8. Optional options include pneumatic, electric, and pneumatic adjustable and electric adjustable models produced by our company. Please refer to the actuator and control valve section of this station for details.

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