Sales have skyrocketed! What did Dongyi do right?

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2023-04-19 17:47

Sales surge
A year's plan is in spring, and a day's plan is in the morning.
The spring of 2022 had just arrived, and Shenzhen Dongyi welcomed a wave of orders.
In March, the resurgence of the epidemic forced many enterprises in Shenzhen to shut down for a week, and many customers who were waiting for rice to cook kept calling to urge their goods, hoping to dig three feet into the warehouse of Dongyi. Fortunately, a week passed quickly and Shenzhen resumed work! All employees of Dongyi quickly arrived on duty, working overtime and busy with production, just to deliver "Dongyi Quality" to every customer.
What did Dongyi do right with such a surge in sales?

Adhere to the original intention
Since the establishment of Dongyi Company in 1993, the leadership has proposed the quality policy of "precision work, quality first". Dongyi's managers are very clear about what product quality means to customers.
When an entrepreneur thinks from the perspective of an entrepreneur, he must comprehensively consider various issues such as product cost, product quality, sales methods, cash flow, etc. When an entrepreneur thinks from the perspective of a customer, he will find that when a customer encounters an accident due to using a flawed product, he will hardly care about anything except quality.
Therefore, the first thing Dongyi did right was to adhere to valuing product quality.

Independent innovation
In the early days of the establishment of Dongyi Company, engineers discovered that the control systems of well-known foreign brands were protected by many intellectual property rights. If the control systems of foreign brands were copied, they would bear a large amount of legal risks. So the chief engineer proposed a bold idea: no matter where in the world, the laws of physics are always the same. Instead of putting in all the effort to reverse research and development, it is better to actively engage in forward research and development.
So, Dongyi engineers, starting from the needs of customers, independently designed the program architecture, independently programmed, and developed products with identical functions to well-known foreign brands, and obtained intellectual property rights belonging to the Chinese themselves.
Afterwards, Dongyi continued to invest most of its revenue in research and development, continuously improving the functionality and quality of its products, providing opportunities for Chinese made electric valves, actuators, and intelligent modules to think and act based on Chinese logic.
This is the second thing Dongyi did right: to innovate independently and break away from its dependence on Western technology.

Manage upgrades
From 1993 to 2022, China underwent earth shaking changes, and the management of Chinese enterprises has also innovated multiple times.
Through the second law of thermodynamics, it can be seen that any closed system will irreversibly lead to chaos. Therefore, if a company uses a closed management system for a long time, it will inevitably face increasingly chaotic difficulties irreversibly.
The management team of Dongyi has always maintained the youthful mentality of Shenzhen people, open to new management ideas, and has upgraded the company's management system time and time again. The company has also transformed from a traditional enterprise that relies on the personal charm of its founders to a calm, rational, and vibrant young enterprise of the new era.
This is the third thing Dongyi did right: the injection of new ideas filled the enterprise with vitality.

Expand overseas
With the implementation of the national the Belt and Road strategic concept, Dongyi products have also gone abroad and entered a vast blue sea.
Since 2011, the Chairman of Dongyi has personally gone abroad for multiple inspections and negotiations, laying a solid foundation for Dongyi's product layout overseas. In the past two years, the company has also established an English sales platform, making it very convenient for foreign customers to communicate with Dongyi sales personnel.
After trying out Dongyi products, customers from many countries have placed orders and become loyal fans of Dongyi. With the continuous accumulation of foreign customers, the proportion of overseas orders in Dongyi's total sales is increasing, becoming an undeniable force.
This is the fourth thing Dongyi did right: to open up the situation and create a world of Zhuolu.

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