Uncover the strongest module of Dongyi Ex-ZXQ-N1

Release Time:

2023-05-06 17:45

Dongyi valves and positioners have always been known for their excellent quality. In October 2018, Shenzhen Dongyi launched a new product, breaking the record for the strongest module in Dongyi. This powerful module is Dongyi's "Non Invasive Valve Positioner Ex-ZXQ-N1". The product has just been launched and has been eagerly purchased by customers from countries and regions such as China, Europe and America, the Middle East, and India.

In 2019, due to good customer feedback after use, the order volume of Ex-ZXQ-N1 from around the world skyrocketed. Valve manufacturers from various countries incorporated this powerful module into various valve bodies, creating powerful intelligent electric valves. Today, we will open this mysterious module to explore its mysteries.

This non-invasive valve positioner Ex-ZXQ-N1 can be matched with corresponding electric actuators, electric valves, regulating valves and other accessories, and can achieve comprehensive networking and unified control through the Internet of Things bus interface. It is a new type of universal positioner in the era of the Internet of Things. Users can remotely manage a large number of valve actuators equipped with Ex-ZXQ-N1 on a single terminal. This product can also be compatible with various control signals, and can interact with users' information through a Chinese LCD screen.

The working voltage of Ex-ZXQ-N1 is 380V. In order to meet the needs of more customers, Shenzhen Dongyi has also launched the accompanying product Ex-ZXQ-N2, with a working voltage of 220V. The maximum power of these two products is below 1000W, and the explosion-proof grade is Exd II BT4, which is both energy-saving and robust. It is particularly suitable for valves such as electric flange soft seal butterfly valves and electric flange V-shaped ball valves that work in explosive environments.

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