High flow rate, corrosion-resistant - TOYI series electric wafer type soft seal butterfly valve

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2023-05-06 17:43

In the scorching summer, the TOYI series products of Shenzhen Dongyi Electronics Co., Ltd. - electric wafer type soft seal butterfly valves have received unanimous praise from users. Users have expressed that Dongyi's products are sturdy, durable, of stable quality, and very convenient to operate. They will come to buy them in the future if needed.

The most favored advantages of this electric wafer type soft seal butterfly valve are large flow rate and corrosion resistance. Even when used in seawater, strong acids, and strong alkalis, it is not affected at all and can be used for many years without any problems.

The Dongyi electric wafer type soft seal butterfly valve adopts an integrated structure and is matched with the Dongyi electric actuator. It can operate with input (4-20mADC, 0-10VDC or 1-5VDC) signals and single-phase power supply. It has the characteristics of strong functionality, small size, lightweight and pleasant, reliable performance, simple matching, and large flow capacity. This valve is widely used in industrial automation control systems in industries such as food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, papermaking, chemical industry, teaching and research equipment, and power.

This butterfly valve has a nominal diameter between DN50 and DN800, a nominal pressure of PN1.0,1.6MPa, and is suitable for temperatures ranging from -20 ℃ to 150 ℃. The suitable media include fresh water, seawater, food, natural gas, alcohols, salts, acids, alkalis, oil, steam, air, etc.

For 26 years, Dongyi Company has consistently provided comprehensive support to users of electric valves both domestically and internationally with leading technology, powerful products, and high-quality services. Dongyi products have established a leading position in the intelligent electronics industry with outstanding quality and reliable reliability.
At present, Dongyi Company still adheres to the path of technological innovation, adheres to the design concept of excellence, owns dozens of independent intellectual property rights, and has passed and strictly implemented the ISO9001:2015 management system. It has been rated as a designated service unit for science and technology and economic integration in Shenzhen, and has honors such as National High tech Enterprise and Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Enterprise Federation.

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