Because it is small, it is powerful - TOYI series electric threaded ball valves

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2023-05-06 17:19

In the 1990s, an unknown small valve enterprise, Dongyi Electronics, was born in Shenzhen, China. Nowadays, this company may not appear to be large in scale, but its products are widely sold around the world and are highly praised by users. What makes such a small enterprise so powerful?

In 1993, with the pace of China's reform and opening up, Dongyi Electronics emerged. Chairman Xiao Dongping personally led the team to design, produce, and sell TOYI brand electric valves. The core component of an electric valve is the electric module, which is the control center of the valve. This is the most problematic and technically challenging part. If we want to make the best electric valves in the world, we must first make the best actuators and modules, "said Xiao Dong. He led the technical team to program, experiment, and improve day and night... Finally, he spent six months creating a high-quality module that worked well and had powerful functions when installed on an electric valve. TOYI's electric valves were immediately accepted by the market, and sales soared.

As time passed, Dongyi gradually focused its research and development efforts on electric modules, while collaborating with the best valve manufacturers in China to put forward higher requirements for the mechanical process of the valves. In the 1990s, valves in China were still in their early stages, with numerous OEM imitations and unstable quality. However, high-end valves mostly relied on imports and were much more expensive than domestically produced ones. Everyone is looking forward to a cheap, reliable, and durable electric valve, and the emergence of TOYI valve fills this gap.
Customers who have used Dongyi valves have a feeling that TOYI's valves are made of solid materials and finely crafted, making them safe to use. Due to the extremely low failure rate of Dongyi's products, customers who have used them are willing to repeat purchases, and dealers are also willing to recommend TOYI valves, actuators, and modules to customers. Over time, TOYI's brand has deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the sales of its products have thus increased. We need to spend 80% of our energy on the 20% most important part, so that small businesses can achieve great results, "said General Manager Xiao Guo, with confidence in his voice.

Since entering the 21st century, especially in the era of the Internet, China's economy has experienced unprecedented development, and customers' demands for electric valves have also become increasingly high. To this end, TOYI Group has reinvested most of its profits and made significant upgrades in research and development, production, and quality management. Nowadays, Dongyi not only has advanced dust-free production lines and passes ISO9001 certification every year, but also has its own enterprise standards. Dongyi's standards are far higher than the national standards for electric valves in various countries. If we compare a valve to Dongyi, Dongyi's TOYI series electric screw ball valve is the most suitable - because it is small, it is powerful.

The TOYI series electric threaded ball valve adopts an integrated structure, which can operate as long as the input (4-20mADC, 0-10VDC or 1-5VDC) signal or single-phase power supply is input. Its characteristics are: high intelligence, powerful functionality, small size, high strength, lightweight, reliable, simple matching, large circulation capacity, and even suitable for various corrosive media.

Dongyi's electric threaded ball valves and butt welded connection ball valves are divided into integral (one piece), two-stage (two piece), and three-piece (three piece) types. The casting of the valve body adopts advanced technology imported from Taiwan, with a reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. The valve seat adopts an elastic sealing structure, which is reliable and easy to start.

In order to prevent the valve stem from being flushed out when the valve chamber abnormally heats up, the valve stem of Dongyi Electric Screw Thread Ball Valve adopts a bottom mounted structure with inverted sealing components. Two piece and three piece ball valves can also be connected by butt welding (BW) or socket welding (SW), both of which can come with international ISO standard support platforms and locking devices.

Today, the small and tough Dongyi electric screw ball valve has been widely used in the industrial automation control system of food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, paper making, chemical industry, teaching and scientific research equipment, power and other industries, and is favored by users all over the world, especially in countries along the the Belt and Road.



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