The ultimate safety is to let the pipeline take care of itself

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2023-05-06 16:48

On February 8, 2017 at 22:45, with the deafening sound of explosions, a huge mushroom cloud rose from the Hengxing Chemical Plant in Tongling, Anhui. The shock wave suddenly destroyed nearby buildings, illuminating the entire city with flames
According to the analysis of the Tongling Safety Supervision Bureau, this accident was caused by the company's use of steam to heat solvent oil tanks in preparation for resuming production after the Spring Festival, but a valve leading to the steam pipeline was not closed.
Fortunately, the explosion did not result in any casualties.

For most industrial enterprises, the higher the degree of automation in the factory, the less labor required, and the higher the production efficiency. Another fact that many people have not seen is that the higher the level of automation, the safer the production process.

Electric valves are safer than manual valves because the operator of electric valves can move further away, while manual valves can only be operated from close range.
Intelligent valves are safer than traditional electric valves because they can automatically detect and alarm the temperature inside the shell, have stronger anti-interference ability against harmful noise, have higher control accuracy, and are easier to operate.

Although the workers are undoubtedly dutiful and responsible, who is not a saint and virtuous person who can make mistakes? If the pipeline and operation process are complex to a certain extent, and there are many workers responsible for opening and closing valves to a certain extent, errors caused by forgetting, slackness, or unexpected events will become a lingering nightmare.

When all pipelines are controlled by intelligent valves, only one person is needed to operate the entire system, which greatly reduces the error rate and ensures the personal safety of workers to the greatest extent.
Therefore, the ultimate safety is to let the pipeline take care of itself.

In order to improve the automation level of Chinese industrial enterprises, Shenzhen Dongyi Electronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development of electric valves and intelligent valves since the 1990s, accumulating a large number of patented technologies and decades of experience in production and quality control.

Therefore, the electric valves and intelligent valves produced by Dongyi have stable quality and are widely praised, making them very suitable for replacing traditional manual valves.

Dongyi's products mainly include electric valves and intelligent valves, as well as related products such as electric actuators and valve locators.
These products are widely used in the fields of temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, humidity, displacement, object distance detection and automatic adjustment control in industries such as petrochemical, metallurgy, power, building materials, machinery, food, pharmaceutical, brewing, papermaking, etc., making outstanding contributions to reducing system safety hazards.

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