Dongyi conducts new version FMEA training

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2023-05-06 16:54

Recently, Dongyi Company organized a new round of FMEA training.
In any product design stage, designers inevitably have many unexpected places that may become hidden dangers in the future. Therefore, by analyzing the subsystems, parts, and various production processes of the product one by one by all engineers, identifying potential hidden dangers (failure modes), and deducing their possible consequences, necessary measures can be taken in advance to avoid hidden dangers, thereby greatly improving the quality and reliability of the product. This "failure mode and effects analysis" is FMEA (pronounced "Pegasus" in Chinese).

The most important secret to TOYI's intelligent modules, electric actuators, electric valves, and other products having a good reputation in the market is the use of FMEA.
The earliest proponents of FMEA ideas are beyond examination. In the book of Sun Simiao in the Tang Dynasty of China, it was written: "Saints eliminate diseases that have not yet arisen, treat diseases that have not yet fallen ill, and treat them before they have nothing to do, not after they have passed away." This means that the more we invest our energy in predicting and discovering hidden dangers, the less likely they are to have problems, and the less likely they are to regret them.

In the early 1950s, Grumman Aircraft Company in the United States used FMEA thinking to analyze the control system of fighter jets. Although only failure modes were considered at the time and no impact analysis was conducted, the control system designed with half of FMEA still performed extremely well!

In the 1960s, NASA applied FMEA to the design of spacecraft, with more remarkable results, paving the way for the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. By the late 1960s, FMEA methods were widely accepted, and even civil industrial fields such as automobiles, electric valves, and medical equipment began to be used.

In the 1970s, the US military issued the MIL-STD-1629 standard, which clearly stipulated the basic methods for conducting FMEA on systems.
The formal popularization of FMEA in the industrial field of China began in the 1980s. In October 1985, the National Defense Science and Technology Commission issued the "Provisional Regulations on the Life and Reliability of Aviation Technology Equipment (Trial)", which affirmed the importance of FMEA. In 1992, China officially promulgated the national standard for FMEA (GB7826) and the national military standard (GJB1391).

Due to the need for intelligent modules, electric actuators, and electric valves to operate without human intervention for a long time, any failure can bring huge trouble or even accidents. Therefore, the biggest demand from customers for these products is reliability.
Nowadays, a more comprehensive new version of FMEA has been introduced, and all engineers at Dongyi Company have participated in the training and conducted stricter failure mode analysis and impact analysis on new and old products. I believe that in the near future, all electronic products designed and produced by Dongyi will be more reliable.

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