What is happiness—— Dongyi Employee Internal Training

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2023-05-06 16:59

Dongyi Company has always been very strict in management, meticulously executing the entire process from research and development, procurement, production, quality control to delivery. However, the wolf oriented management in the evaluation is only half of Dongyi's management system, while the other half is a little-known human oriented management.
The company not only strives to eliminate hidden dangers for employees' physical health in terms of equipment and facilities, but also takes into account employees' psychological health, family harmony, and personal development.
In order to help employees find happiness in their work and see happiness in life, as well as to participate more in social welfare undertakings and provide platforms and support for public welfare activities, Dongyi Company recently teamed up with the Shenzhen Radio and Television Public Welfare Foundation and the Mommy's Help Public Welfare Fund to organize an internal training for employees with the theme of "Happy Work and Happy Life".

The main speaker of this internal training is a senior psychological counselor named Wu Hongning. She has over 1000 hours of consulting experience in areas such as interpersonal confusion, parent-child relationship repair, occupational and academic stress, and has served as a corporate executive for over ten years. She has rich experience in how employees can achieve happiness in their work and life.

At the beginning of the internal training, Teacher Wu asked everyone to think about a question: What is happiness?

Why do some people feel happy in the same environment, while others feel unhappy?
We found that happiness is a thing that is the final say!
Due to the limitations of human attention, our experience of the world is largely influenced by our attention. Happy people often like to focus on happy things, while unfortunate people always stare at the painful side.

Everything has both positive and negative sides. If one only focuses on the painful side, even the best work will be dull and tasteless; For those who focus on happiness every day, any major difficulty is an opportunity to challenge themselves.
Since happiness and happiness are both determined by ourselves, how can we choose the positive side in everything and prevent negative thoughts from eroding us?

Gratitude Exercise

Positive Self

Discovering Advantages
Through a series of interactive training, led by Teacher Wu, the employees of Dongyi Company gradually mastered a set of secrets to change their destiny.
All good luck starts with our attention.
When we wake up in the morning, we can all ask ourselves, "Do I choose happiness or pain today?" If we choose happiness, focus all our attention on the positive side of things. Then at the end of the day, we will find that life is so happy and joyful!

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