A large number of TOYI actuators have passed CE certification

Release Time:

2023-05-06 17:02

After unremitting efforts, Dongyi has recently obtained CE certification for 200 types of precision and small electric actuators, which have become a stepping stone in the overseas market.

CE certification is a mandatory certification mark proposed by EU law for products. If any country's products want to freely circulate in the EU market, they must pass CE certification to indicate that the product quality meets the basic requirements of the EU's "New Methods for Technical Coordination and Standardization" directive.

This batch of precision and small electric actuators adopts the unique design of Dongyi, with a delicate and delicate appearance and an incredibly strong interior. The key parts are forged with special alloys, which have high strength and good wear resistance; The integrated design of the worm gear output shaft avoids gaps in key connections, greatly improving transmission accuracy, and the overall operating life of the actuator even exceeds the standard of similar products by more than 10 times!

The volume of this batch of actuators made in China is only about 35% of that of similar products, and their weight is only about 30% of that of similar products. Despite their small size, their functions are very powerful. Dongyi engineers highly integrate intelligent control modules into the electric device body, enabling digital setting, digital tuning, high accuracy, and self diagnosis without the need for external locators. Such products have indisputable competitiveness in overseas markets, while their prices are far lower than similar products from major global well-known enterprises.

Since its establishment in 1993, Dongyi Company has been committed to independent research and development, and has taken a completely different path in core technology from developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, Dongyi's electric actuators have the opportunity to bypass the shortcomings accumulated in actuator technology in developed countries in Europe and America, and have obtained a large number of national patents with more reasonable and innovative designs in response to customer actual needs. This is the cornerstone for Dongyi to stand firm in the turbulent market.

Following the steps of the national the Belt and Road Initiative, actuators completely developed by Chinese people have gone to all parts of the world, and customers from EU countries have finally had the opportunity to try out the high intelligent actuator products from China. I believe that in the near future, customers from all over the world will love and praise Made in China!

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