New Algorithm Makes Pipeline Think Calmly - Dongyi TQS Series Electric Flange Soft Seal Butterfly Valve

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2023-04-19 17:17

In August 2013, the summer was scorching.
Manager Wen, who is responsible for the electric valve business at Dongyi Company, received a call from a well-known distillery in Sichuan. A few years ago, this distillery purchased a batch of electric valves from a well-known foreign brand to control the flow of alcohol at various stages. However, recently, due to the hot weather, a valve near the distillation equipment suddenly emitted smoke! After analysis, they found that the smoke was caused by the overheating of the control chip in the valve. Due to the significant threat posed by chip smoke to distilleries, they have decided to discontinue this batch of electric valves.



The procurement personnel of the distillery stated that they are eager to find an electric valve with low chip heat generation and fast computing speed to prevent encountering the danger of electric valve smoke again. So, how can valves working in high temperature environments ensure good heat dissipation of the central processing unit?



In high temperature environments, the heat dissipation efficiency of the valve casing is low, and the heat emitted by the central processing unit cannot be smoothly dissipated by the casing. Therefore, using chips with low heat generation and strong computing power has become particularly important. Dongyi TQS series electric flange soft sealing butterfly valves have considered this issue from the beginning of their design, using new artificial intelligence chips and using components with low heating rate in circuit design as much as possible to minimize the heating capacity of the intelligent module from all aspects.



However, this is far from enough. Even if a relatively good chip is used, if the programming is redundant and complex, and the chip is too difficult to calculate, it will also generate a lot of extra heat. Therefore, Dongyi's software engineers have developed a new algorithm that significantly reduces the total number of characters in the program in Dongyi's intelligent module. After testing, the calculation speed of the TQS series electric flange soft seal butterfly valve is twice that of similar products in the industry, and the chip heating capacity is one-fifth of that of similar products.



Dongyi TQS series electric flange soft sealing butterfly valves are suitable for regulating flow and intercepting medium on water supply and drainage, gas pipelines, such as food, medicine, chemical, petroleum, power, light textile, paper, etc., with a temperature of ≤ 120 ℃ and a nominal pressure of ≤ 1.6MPa. It has a novel and reasonable design, unique structure, light weight, and fast opening and closing.



In order to install this intelligent valve in any position, Dongyi's engineers have repeatedly optimized its design, making it easy to operate, labor-saving, agile, and easy to maintain. All our efforts are aimed at enabling the pipeline to think calmly, "said Xiao Dongping, chief engineer of Dongyi Electronics.



Due to the soft sealing method adopted by TQS series electric flange soft sealing butterfly valves, engineers have designed the sealing components as replaceable structures, with reliable sealing performance and bidirectional sealing, achieving zero leakage. At the same time, the materials used for sealing are all aging and corrosion resistant materials such as rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, and ethylene propylene diene monomer, which have a long service life and are particularly suitable for working in environments with poor heat dissipation conditions.











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