What are the requirements for the design of intelligent valves?

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2023-04-19 17:40

As the 70th birthday of our country approaches, the engineers of Shenzhen Dongyi Electronics have finally come to an end in their day and night research, and the latest version of the N series IoT module has been released!

As the 70th birthday of our country approaches, the engineers of Shenzhen Dongyi Electronics have finally come to an end in their day and night research, and the latest version of the N series IoT module has been released!

In the past 30 years, the valve industry has upgraded from manual valves to electric valves, and the emergence of the Dongyi N series IoT module marks that the valve industry has broken through technological boundaries and has the conditions to upgrade from electric valves to IoT valves! Let's take a look at the outstanding features of this cross era product.

Explosion proof and waterproof
Considering that the working environment of the N series modules is often extremely harsh, engineers have designed a very sturdy shell, which achieves the explosion-proof level of Exd Ⅱ BT6 for the N series modules, which is sufficient to cope with various extreme environments. After testing, the N series module has excellent explosion-proof performance and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate issued by the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Electrical Product Explosion Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Comfortable large screen
People who frequently use electronic products have a feeling that the smaller the screen, the less convenient it is. For the convenience of staff operation, the N series module adopts the largest screen in the entire market. Due to the large number of foreign orders, the N series module has also set up Chinese and English menus, allowing engineers from various countries to correctly understand the menu content.

Waterproof and dustproof button
For many explosion-proof valves, buttons are the most vulnerable part. To this end, Dongyi engineers have designed high-quality aging resistant silicone in the keys and adjusted the key structure to greatly improve the durability and explosion-proof coefficient of the keys, and have waterproof and dustproof functions. While ensuring the explosion-proof level, they strive to achieve ease of use.

Secure connectors
When we encounter problems with electronic products, the first thing we think of is: "Can there be any poor contact?" Therefore, connectors are the most prone component to problems in electronic products. In order to minimize the failure rate of modules, engineers have chosen high-quality connectors with buckles. The reason why Dongyi products have been able to avoid problems for many years is due to the attention to these details.

Remote on-site control
In the early 1980s, single-chip technology gradually matured, and some engineers began to apply single-chip technology to valves, resulting in the emergence of electric valves. Due to the fact that electric valves are more labor-saving than manual valves, they quickly became popular. On the basis of electric valves, technicians continued to explore and created the RS232 interface, which can achieve point-to-point communication. So, intelligent valves with remote on-site control capabilities were born. On the Dongyi N series module, this remote on-site control function is a basic function, but Dongyi engineers did not choose RS232!

Networking control
Although the RS232 interface can achieve point-to-point communication, this method cannot achieve networking functionality. With the progress of the times, many industries hope to use a computer to control all valves in factories, so RS485 emerged to solve this problem. In recent years, RS485/MODBUS has become the most popular networking method today, with simple and convenient implementation. Most intelligent instruments support RS485. The Dongyi N series module also uses RS485 communication, which not only achieves remote upper computer control, but also works in collaboration with most intelligent instruments.

Remote feedback
There is a main control board inside the N series module, which can not only collect signals from the upper computer and output command signals to the actuator after processing, but also collect feedback signals from the actuator to understand the valve opening and closing status, degree of opening and closing, working torque, motor temperature and other information, and provide feedback to the upper computer. The main control computer can achieve comprehensive intelligent control and warning based on the feedback information.

With the development of science and technology, China has gradually entered the era of "informatization", and many industries based on the Internet have begun to seek new development opportunities. As an important component of the new generation of information technology, the Internet of Things is undoubtedly the future direction of development.

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